Variable Smooth Bore Nozzle 1.5″ NH – Adjustable to 95, 120, 165, and 190 GPM


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Adjustable to 95, 120, 165, and 190 GPM

• Unequalled solid stream performance, penetration and maximum reach at pressures as low as 55 psi
• Requires minimal training and maintenance
• Integrated stream straightener
• Optional shut-off valve with or without pistol grip
• Versatile: Eliminate necessity of carrying up to 5 stacked tips
• Water Conservation: High flow when you need it and lower flow when you don’t
• Adaptable: Detaches from SOV to remove blockages, change apparatus or lay more hose line
• Save time: No shut down necessary to change settings/tip sizes continuous operation
• Class A, B foams and CAFS compatible

The PATRIOT variable smoothbore fire fighting nozzle produces an adjustable solid stream with 5 different flow rates. With just a twist of the bumper of the nozzle, firefighters can set the flow rate without stopping to change tips.

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All S&H Products are made in the United States. We follow DLA product standards and we fully guarantee against defects. Our products are lightweight for wild land firefighting, and strong enough for the fiercest structure fires. Field tested in extreme firefighting conditions by federal agencies, large fire districts, and small fire departments.

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Weight2.5 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 8 in

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